WhatsApp Update- Latest WhatsApp Version


 How to Update Your WhatsApp from your mobile store

The whatsapp update ensures the app works better. It’s a better improvement with some new features. This updates come from time to time and its not only whatsapp other applications also need updates. The updates contains new features that are not part of the app initially when the app was just launched.

WhatsApp updates

A newly updated whatsAapp performs some additional task that was not there when the app was officially developed. This update gives you access when you use this app. People tend to get this update wrong at time they delete the app completely and re download which is nothing but waste of megabyte. All though when u re download the newly downloaded app come with all the new features but deleting your previous app automatically delete all your previous conversations with other people.

You can update your whatsapp without having to delete the previous version you are using. All you need to do is go to your mobile store. Either Google play store or your iPhone app store you will see all the apps that is requesting for updates there. Then you click on the whatsapp update it starts automatically then you wait for it to finish you don’t need to reinstall you just continue with your conversations like nothing happened.

What you can Find in the Newly Updated Whatsapp

If you update your whatsapp to the newest version you get exciting features on the app such as “stories”. This feature was added to the whatsapp early last year. Just like the snap chat story, instagram story and the Facebook story. This feature is very interesting you can post pictures and videos to your whatsapp story. For friends to see, although it can only last for 24hours.

The people who can see your stories are friends whose number is saved on your mobile fone. , not everybody can watch your story. Another exciting part of the story is that you csn restrict somebody from watching your stories. And you can view the number of times your story has been watched.

Another exciting feature you get from whatsapp update is the” deleting of sent messages”. The feature is simply the best added upgrade it enable you delete message you have already send prior to this new update you can only delete message from your chat alone but this new update allows you delete message both from yourself and the other person isn’t this a wonderful added feature?

When the whatsapp application was launched in 2009. It was just a messaging app but over time a lot of features has been added to the app. You can now make phone calls on whatsapp. it doesn’t stop there you can also make videos with friends far and near. the  new updates enables users to enjoy quality experience as they use this app. The update process is easy and very fast as users now get updates on the app its self.