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Western union tracking is very important if you use the western union money transfer. The Western Union is used for international money transfer and once your transfer is a success story, then you will have to use the western union tracking to know the status of the transfer either you are receiving or sending.

Western union tracking


You can always choose to check when the transfer is expected to arrive that way you can always be up to date on your transfer and avoid anything going wrong. This feature is attached to the western union website so that anyone using the western union money transfer can always do that without stress. It is important you know about MTCN

What is MTCN?

Money Transfer Control Number this is a very important number in western union tracking it is popularly called the MTCN. In every successful transfer, the user is given an MTCN number. The MTCN number is always generated for each transfer.

It is possible to only track your transfer with the MTCN number and the senders First and last name. You can easily do this via a western union representative or use the western union money transfer website.

There are more than 500000 western union outlets in over 200 countries and region in the world. This is why it is important to following your payment or tracking a transfer using the western union tracking.

The Western Union Tracking

Once a transfer is made, it can always be tracked down until the fund transferred has reached the hand of the receiver. Also, it is important to know that the MTCN is like the receipt for the transfer. This makes the MTCN very important and a compulsory factor that has to be provided when receiving the fund.

In receiving a transferred fund, you will have to provide the correct details of transfer to a local western union transfer agent. Western Union transfer and western union tracking are made very easy. You don’t need special skills to know how to transfer, track or receive money.

Here are different options for your online money transfer

If you are using western union, then you are provided with a different opportunity in which you can use to transfer your funds. Here is a list of services you can use:

  • Online foreign exchange
  • Money in minutes
  • Bank account payment
  • Direct transfer
  • Mobile phone payment

You can follow this link to know other methods you can use to transfer and receive method.

you can also check the western union official website


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