Western Union Money Transfer – Your perfect Online Money Transfer


This is your perfect opportunity to know how to use the western union money transfer. This has been in existence for more than 144 years and surprisingly they are growing stronger every day. The western union money transfer is your best option when you need to send money to over 200 countries.

western union money transfer

It is possible not to have used the western union money transfer before but it is necessary to know how it functions. Some people just shy away from using it because they thought it’s something very complicated to do. If you have never used it before, there is no need to worry. This article will show you how to send and even receive money using the western union.

How to send Money using the Western Union Money Transfer

The Western Union has made it possible for you to send money as soon as the need for it comes. Because of this need to send money anytime needed, western union money transfer has made it possible for anyone who has money to send to be able to do it: online, personally or in person, mobile application or using their phone.

The Western Union operates 24 hours in a day. This is because the need to send money can come at any time of the day and for some if delayed can be catastrophic. The western union website western union is always available if you need support anytime.

Sending Money via the ONLINE Procedures | western union login and sign up

It is possible to send money via the comfort of your home. When the need comes for you to send money, you don’t have to go to any institution to get the transfer done. All you need is:

  • From a browsing device, visit the www.westernunion.com or
  • Download the western union mobile app
  • Register for a new account by following the simple registration process
  • Then you can log into your profile
  • Provided are varieties of services in order to complete your money transfer
  • You can pay with your bank account
  • You can also pay with a credit or debit card. Learn more about credit cards here
  • After this is done, you are sent a verification email followed by a tracking number. Know how to track your transfer following this link

Sending Money Via the Phone

If you are not at home and the need to send money across comes, then there is no problem. It is very difficult to see anyone without their phone nowadays so all you need to do is:

  • Pick up your phone and dial the western union money transfer toll
  • The call will be picked by a western union money transfer agent.
  • The agent will be there to guide you through the remaining process.
  • Make sure you get ready your credit card or debit card before calling
  • Once the procedure is over, you will also get an email and tracking number

How to send Money in Person

The western union has more than 500000 agents located in different countries region in the world. So if you want to send your money in person, all you need to do is:

  • Locate any of the western union agents in the world
  • Walk into the institution and there is an agent to guide you through the procedure
  • You can still send money in minutes using this method
  • There are also other feature accessible using this method. Features like next day service which allows cash pick-ups via a participating agent location.

How to receive Transfer Using the western union | Western union tracking

It’s very important for you to know how this aspect work if you want to receive money sent to you. Either the money in question is for you or the money is not, here are what you will be needing to receive the money.

  • It is important you ask the sender for the delivery method he or she is using
  • Visit any western union agent location center
  • Go along with government issued ID and tracking number. Follow this link to get tracking number
  • If the money is loaded to a prepaid card, then you will have to call the number on the back of the card.
  • There are options that allow you to receive money directly to your bank account. But you will have to visit the western union money transfer website to check if the option is available for you

In conclusion

Western Union money transfer has cover vast majority region in the world. And it has made the transfer of money very easy for a various individual. It is now very easy for you to share money whenever needed via the website, mobile app, phone call or in person.


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