stripe – online payment method


Stripe is an American technology firm that operates in over 25 countries across the globe. It allows private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the internet.


It was founded by Patrick collision and john collision. Using stripe, payment process is now made into the web without having to register and maintain a merchant account. It is a powerful and flexible tool for internet transactions. Stripes unmatched functionality allows you create the best available service for users. Most of the world’s innovative technology firms are moving fast by building there businesses on stripe. It has a seven days waiting period for initial transactions. Stripe helps it customers against fraud. Strip help to transfer funds directly into the bank accounts linked to the payee.

It allows you payment directly on your store for web and mobile. With the help of stripe customers now stay on your store during checkout without been redirected to another external host. Stripe is an easy way to accept payments online. It has no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden charges all you need to do is register.

however eliminates unnecessary intricacy and extraneous details. In just a couple of minutes you are be up and running with stripe.

Stripe improves its features every month. They have a world class team of engineers that constantly run upon every facet of the stripe. Stripe has hundreds of people working to help reform how modern business are built and run. It has 9 global offices across the world.

Bitcoin support

In 2014 stripe became one of the first major payments company to support bitcoin payment. it has long been excited about the possibilities of cryptocurrency and innovation that comes with it.

so Bitcoin has evolved over the last two years to become better suited to being an asset than being a means of exchange. It has become a universal and decentralized means for online transactions.

cryptocurrency has become less useful for payments transaction, confirmations has gone up and this has led to increase in the failure of transaction rate.

Stripe Atlas

Stripe has launched a feature to make business taxes easier for companies using the stripe atlas. For Many entrepreneurs  getting business taxes right is very painful. Knowing the tax you owe is very hard. Finding good accountants is very hard and fixing mistakes is even more costly. Stripe atlas helps to handle U.S tax requirement it helps keep you up to date.

You can pay franchise tax and filing of annual reports using the stripe. Every company is different. You are required to work with an accountant to prepare corporate income tax. it has handpicked experts that offer 50% discount for stripe atlas users. So from the dashboard you can select the accountant you think is right for you. They will ask you few questions about your business before they reach out to finalize your return.

the atlas was launched to make it easy for users to start a company. And ways on handling taxes, and how to meet the best agents for you.