Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for this website [] and it protects the privacy of those that choose to use it. In this policy, different areas of user privacy are concerned. Also, the required procedures and necessary obligations of the users and Gistground are noted. It might also interest the users to know that the way this website processes, stores and protects their data and information is also detailed in this policy.

The Website

Gistground is an information sharing website site. We always ensure that our subscribers are kept with daily updates on trending information that is majorly technology inclined. Gistground and its owners take active measures to user privacy and ensure necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their browsing experience. Gistground agrees with all national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files saved to a user’s system‘s hard drive that track and store information about the user’s usage of the website. This enables the website, through its server to provide the users with a neat experience on gistground thereby giving the user a better experience. Gistground possesses a cookie regulatory system that allows any user decide on whether or not to save cookies on their device.This complies with the recent legislative requirements for websites to obtain the clear and direct consent of users before reading files like cookies on a user’s device.

Contact & Communication

Gistground protects personal information and keeps it private until when it is no longer useful to us. This personal information provides the site with enough information on whatever questions the user might have. Your personal information is also used to subscribe you to email newsletters ONLY if the user grants permission.

Email Newsletter

Gistground runs an email newsletter program, that is used to inform subscribers about services posted on the site on a regular basis.

Social Media Platforms

Users on the gistground site are strongly advised on using external social media platforms with caution especially with their personal information Gist ground will not ask you for your personal information through social media sites neither will we advise you to contact us either by phone calls or email on any social media platform. However, Gist ground provides access to share site contents directly from the site to social media platforms(facebook, Twitter, etc).

Shortened Links in Social Media

Most times on Gistground, web links could be shared on social media platforms. This links may contain relevant web pages but by default, the links could be shortened. Any user of the Gist grounds through our social media platform accounts may share web links to relevant web pages. Site users however are strictly advised to take caution before clicking on any shortened links published on any of our social media platforms by Gistground. Despite the efforts made to ensure only genuine links are published, many social media platforms are susceptible to spam and hacking. Therefore gistground will not be held responsible for any damages caused by visiting any shortened links.

Adverts and Sponsored Links At Gistground

Gist ground contains sponsored links and adverts. These normally will be served through our advertising partners, who might have extensive privacy policies relating directly to the adverts they serve.Clicking on any of those adverts will send you to  those adverts by referral which may use cookies and could track the number of referrals sent from the Gist ground site. These cookies might end up been saved on your system’s hard drive. Users should please note that they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and Gistground will not be held responsible for any damages or implications caused whenever visiting any external links.