For many of us, Mastercard is merely a name we see printed on our credit and debit cards but we rarely pay much attention to. This card company has broken borders of electronic payments and whose fame is echoed across millions of banking halls across the globe. So, what exactly makes this company tick and how best can you take advantage of all it boasts of?


Mastercard Services

Mastercard is more than just a payment solution. Find out what other services you can gain from it.

  • Safety and Security: You can bank on Mastercard to keep all your payments safe. In the event of unauthorized transactions on your card, you won’t be held liable. Also, movies like the Identity Thief have awoken us to the reality that identity thefts can happen at any time and so losing your wallet is no joke anymore. However, Mastercard has got you covered on that as well as other possibilities like a fraud.
  • Payment Processing: Mastercard boasts of operating the fastest payment network around the world. This company connects all parties involved in a transaction, typically the issuer, merchant, cardholder and acquirer. Currency and location do not constitute hindrances and you can always expect topnotch delivery in fastest possible time.
  • Mastercard Advisors: There is nothing better than those who have gone ahead actually showing you how it is done. Mastercard provides a service in which forward-thinking consultants can make available necessary information to aid one’s business to grow while optimizing every opportunity that presents itself. This service also links clients with relevant merchants to take their businesses to the next level.
  • Smart Cities: With the technology available to it, Mastercard is out to digitize urban cities around the world, make it easier to live and reduce the reliance on cash. In this way, people can stay connected even in the urbanest areas.
  • Sponsorships: Mastercard supports numerous cultural events around the world such as entertainment, arts, sports, culinary etc. more so, the doors are always open for any worthwhile proposal.
  • Supplier Diversity Program: This provision allows a variety of people from different backgrounds stand the chance of becoming Mastercard suppliers.
  • Payment Products and Solutions: This may come last on this list but it is definitely not the least important. Mastercard allows you to pay now (debit card), pay later (credit card), pay before (prepaid card) or pay efficiently (commercial card). Whatever your lifestyle or preferences, there is a card for you at Mastercard.

How to Choose the Best Mastercard for You

Now that you know how innovative Mastercard is, you should really get yourself one of those. However, deciding on the Mastercard that is best for you can be a bit tricky considering the fact that Mastercard provides literally every card under the sun, from the ones with annual fees to the ones without etc.

The tips to be shared in this post to help you tackle that are very simple. Here they go:

  • Be educated: Put in the hours poring online to know the pros and cons of all the cards available to you. Know what card you can get with your credit (excellent, average or bad) and be honest with yourself. If you have bad credit, own up to it and try to work it out. Don’t try to put paper over cracks.
  • Don’t be all about the bonuses: It is good to try and optimize every cash back or one-time bonus available but that can’t be your only motivation. Trying to seize every bonus out there can lead you into a whole lot of trouble and make you bite more than you can chew.
  • Make the card work for you: Let the card fit into your lifestyle rather than adjust into the requirements of the card.
  • Never be blindsided: No matter how good the offer on the card is, there is always a catch so expect it. All you can hope for it that the offer is fair and fits into your lifestyle so well that you can take advantage of every perk. But remember that there is always a catch e.g. special category for cash back, annual fee, condition of excellent credit, high APR etc.

So, let’s do a quick recap. Mastercard is revolutionary in the services it provides and is more than just a card company. It is a company that can partner with you on your life’s journey and help actualize your dreams. It offers a plethora of remarkable cards among which include Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Reward Credit Card, Capital One Platinum Credit Card, First Premier Bank Mastercard Credit Card etc. Yet, this post has taught that the key to the choosing the right one for you is not all about the name but much more than that.


Written Angela Umoru (AngieInpsired)