Instagram | the best social application



Instagram is a very popular and interesting video and photo sharing app. Just like twitter and Facebook social media platforms. In other to use the app user must frist of all create an account just like every other social media platform.


This instagram app was developed in the year 2012 and became the most downloaded photo sharing application on the Iphone app store. Business organisations also use the instagram app as a mean of advertisement. Popular figures and celebrities make use of the app more than any other social media application. They even go as far as hiring individuals to help them manage there accounts as they are always busy.

   Who uses this app?

Most people tend to think that this app is meant for celebrities because it requires higher data plan and to gain followers is very hard. But the truth is you can’t love photo and not love this app it is mostly used by young people for sharing photo and videos with their friends.

Popular figures and celebrities verify their accounts because of scammers and to be easily recognize. When account is verified you will see a small mark at the top corner. The application is very similar to the twitter app except that its strictly for sharing apps. You can’t update status.


First and foremost you are required to create an account in other to set up your profile. During the sign up you will be provided with the option to sign up using your facebook that’s if you are on facebook. This is considered the easiest way to sign up you will be provide with news feed when you sign up.

After signing up you are required to look for friends to follow and people can follow you also. When you post photos or videos on your instagram your  followers can like and comment on you post, the same happens when your friends post you get to like and comment but you must be following them to see there post.

Devices that can use instagram

Only IOS and android os devices can make use of the instagram app. It can also be accessed from the web through computer and tablets. But the interfaces are no better than the app on device platforms.

Features of this Application

The instagram app has a feature called “story”. Just like the facebook story and the whatsapp story instagram story is not any different.

The instagram also has another feature called the “trends” just like the twitter trends you get to see what everybody is talking about on instagram.

There is also another one called hashTags .

How to upload on instagram

Uploading photos on instagram is very easy as you can even do it remotely from your pictures. During the process of uploading you will see the tag icon you can tag anybody you want and you can also include your locations. You can also choose from various filters provided .