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Have you ever wonder how you can get a particular content from a website after the link must have been deleted? Or do you think it is not possible? Nowadays I wonder if there is anything such as impossible anymore. If you really want to go back in time on the internet then the internet archive wayback machine was made available because of you.

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I have always heard of the internet archive wayback machine and it makes me wonder what its full functionality is and whose idea was that. I love to travel back in time even if I can’t do that with myself; at least the internet archive wayback machine is helping me do that with the World Wide Web. You can read more about the internet archive wayback machine by clicking on this link.

There are a lot of features you can access with this invention. Before we go further deep into this, let’s get to understand the internet archive way back machine well. This is a beautiful invention to the internet world. Most people need the help of this but never know it existed. Hopefully, this post will reach out to those still in the 80s era of the World Wide Web.

About the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Since 1996 the internet archive wayback machine has been storing website cache in their large bunch of Linux node. Do you now know why I say if you don’t know about this then you are in the 80s era of the World Wide Web? This was the idea of an NGO in San Francisco, California, United State. The NGO was called internet archive.

The wayback machine is such that everyone can make use of it. You can use it for the purpose of references most especially when you need the exact date of a particular article that is no more in existence.  This tool has become very useful today. The wayback machine in collaboration with Alexa was able to bring about the brilliant idea of web pages indexing. This indexing where made in three dimensions and over a period of time.

How does the Wayback machine work with websites?

You might not get the perfect web pages you are looking for, but all the text content will be intact. Why is this? The Wayback machine gives a perfect result for HTML sites. For websites that contains java scripts, forms and needs interactions between the sites and the server, the Wayback machine will try its best to put the result together. Most times, websites like that always fall apart but the content is there for your use.

This tool is meant to access all public web pages. That means it cannot index any webpage that was not meant for the public. Most people go to the Wayback trying to retrieve data from a private webpage. Either the private webpage is online or not, you can’t have access to its content.

How To Save a Download or Save a website using the wayback Machine

Just like I have made known earlier, pages are provided for a lot of purpose like referring, sharing, linking and so many more. I am going to show you the different ways you can use the wayback machine to download an old version of a website or a website that no longer exist.

  • Save or download a website using the SAVE NOW form
    the save now form is one of the easiest ways to download any website. All you need to do is to enter the URL into the form that shows SAVE NOW. Then use the enter key. This method has some shortcoming. This is because some websites forbid some crawls due to the SSL settings of the site. Still, you will be able to get the HTML and CSS correctly for most websites. You cannot crawl the whole website with this. But still, it’s very helpful
  • Using the archive team.
    The archive team is group of volunteers. This team is now very popular for saving internet history. You can read more about the group following this link. Most of the saving they do always end up in the Wayback machine. They also run an archive it accounts where you can perform personal crawls without the help of experts. You can learn more following this link.
  • Using the Wayback machine extension
    the invention of extensions has made browsing and browsers spectacular. There are different kinds of extensions with different uses. So is the wayback machine extension. Using this extension is very easy. First, you need to know how to install the wayback machine extension. I will be using chrome as my case study. Click here to install the extension. Once you have finished the installation, it will appear at the top right corner of your browser.
    Using this extension, you can save any webpage by just clicking. If you browse or surf a web page that is no longer in existence, then it will alert you to any previously saved version of the website.

How to get the wayback machine

The way back machine usage is best when you have it as an extension of your browser. Below are links to download the wayback machine for the popular browsers.

  • For Firefox users, you can get the extension following this link here
  • If you are using Google Chrome, you can either follow the link above or click here
  • If you are using the Safari browser then here is the link to follow
  • For IOS app follow this link
  • Then for Android users, you can also download the app here

Frequently asked questions about the wayback machine

There are a lot of inquisitive minds toward the wayback machine and its capability. Since the invention of this tool, there have always been new questions about the wayback. Some of these questions are

  • Is it possible to link old pages from the way back machine?
    For sure you can. That’s one of the purposes of the wayback. You can link, share, and also use as a reference point.
  • Who and how was the wayback machine made?
    The internet archive in collaboration with Alex is responsible for the wayback machine. And it was made possible by creating a three-dimensional crawling of web pages over time.
  • Is it possible to archive Dynamic web pages?
    For sure dynamic web pages can also be archived. You will always get the best result on sites that are HTML and CSS based. For sites that have javas scripts, forms, and some other complex build will tend to fall apart. But the contents are always available for your need.
  • How do I use the wayback machine?
    For this particular question, I think this article has provided a lot of help for that. If you still need more help, you can use the contact us form.
  • You can follow this link to check for more questions and answer on the wayback machine.



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