Fortumo | world mobile technology company


Fortumo is a world mobile technology company. The corporate develops a platform for app stores and digital service suppliers for user acquisition, proof and retention.


Fortumo’s product enable digital merchants to manage the end-to-end client lifecycle of mobile users on quite 350 mobile operator networks through bundling, carrier request and electronic messaging solutions. They started as a product of the mobile services company Mobi Solutions, and presently employs over eighty folks in its offices in Republic of Estonia (Tartu & Tallinn), USA (San Francisco), China (Beijing), Bharat (Delhi), Singapore and Vietnam (Hanoi). In 2017, over a hundred and seventy thousand merchants have signed up with Fortumo.

General services provided by fortumo

it gives a digital equip platform to digital merchants and mobile operators to compile, legalize and retain their users.
Direct Carrier request platform: Permits digital merchants to gather payments from subscribers of over 350 mobile operators. Dealers will like better to either incorporate one in all the turn-key product provided for this purpose (Web SDK, robot SDK, Hosted DCB) or directly incorporate with Fortumo’s direct carrier request API.
Bundling platform: Permits digital merchants and mobile operators to provision discounted or free digital service access to mobile operator subscribers. It pulpit brings a unified intermix for user authentication.
Messaging platform: Permits digital merchants to speak with their customers through mobile electronic messaging. Its linked to over 350 mobile operators and may be used for 2-factor authourization, payment notifications and selling communications.
Fortumo Insight: Provides mobile operators with an outline of their carrier request performance. As well as knowledge on account activations, payment behavior, high grossing content by class and payment failure rates.
Merchants victimization Fortumo embody app stores. (Google Play), streaming services (Spotify, iflix, Sony, HOOQ,,, Times Internet), recreation firms (Rovio, Gameloft, EA Mobile, Kinguin) and device makers (Huawei, Alcatel).


It has integrated about 350 mobile operators to its platform. Fortumo’s mobile operator partners embody mobile operator teams like Telefónica, Telenor and Orange additionally as individual mobile operators like Reliance Communications, Turkcell and Globe medium. Fortumo uses the mobile operators’ technical infrastructure to demonstrate users, method payments and change mobile electronic messaging for its merchants. Whereas giving the mobile operators access to time period knowledge and payments analytics through its Fortumo Insight dashboard. In Sep 2014, Fortumo launched a web store for commercialism Rovio plush toys to SingTel customers victimization carrier request. The project wherever users charge physical item to their account is that the 1st of its kind within the carrier request business and it has reported seeing up to 5x lower handcart abandonment rates compared to credit-card based mostly on-line request solutions
In February 2017, Fortumo launched a bundling platform for digital content suppliers and mobile operators. Antediluvian packages deals between exponent content supplier (such as a VOD company). And mobile operator need a separate integration between the parties so as to provision discounted or free digital service access to mobile operator subscribers. With the bundling platform. Fortumo permits mobile operators to attach too many digital content suppliers right away and contrariwise. Additionally providing a unified interface for user authentication, service provisioning and configuring any kind of bundle provide.