Cloud storage – Best Cloud Storage


The process of storing data for a long period of time in a disk is called cloud storage. If this saved data can be retrieved anytime by computing with the internet to make it easily accessible then your goal has been achieved.

cloud storage

Cloud storage is a file storage that has everything to do with online. The original fact about cloud storage is yet to be seen.

There are advantaged and disadvantages for every cloud storage because its in accordance with what you need. This cloud storage can be categorized as follows :

  • Public
  • Hybrid
  • Private

Public cloud storage

Public cloud storage allows plenty occupants and space, more required space for data . it stores data were its going to be very safe. Everyone using this public cloud storage pay according to what he or she has used. It can’t be compared to the program software basically designed to help and save important files.

Public cloud storage is owned by amazon so they receive all the payments made.

Private cloud storage

As the name implies this is rather a private cloud storage that can not be used by everybody. It is used by a particular organization that control and manage there data by them selves.

A private cloud has to do with  just one single organization unlike the public cloud that works for multiple organisations.

Hybrid cloud storage

It serves as additional storages for both private and public cloud services, allowing the private and public clouds to move between the two that causes changes.

Hybrid allows your business flow very well without breaking the arrangement between private and public data clouds. It renders quality and desirable services within a short period of time.

A business organization can use the hybrid storage to keep records of all the sales been made, incomes and outgoing data’s from the organization.

Top best cloud storages

In choosing cloud storage one needs to be very careful so as not to choose the wrong storage. The purpose of this article is to help you find the best cloud storage suitable for you. Below is a list of the best 5 clouds storages’.:

  • Google Drive.
  • drop box
  • Mega
  • one drive
  • Icloud
  • And so Many more

Google drive

Google drive  is owned by Google and its one the top free cloud storage, very reliable though one has to sign up on Google account to be able to access the cloud storages. You can store varieties of files in the Google cloud storage ranging from videos, photos and the rest. You can also learn more about the cloud storage on Google.


This is an awesome reliable platform. It offers only 2gigabyte free storage. But when you invite your friends to the app or you link your social media account you might get additional 16gig storage.

There is also an unlimited space available for paid users.


Icloud is specifically meant for iPhones users it can be seen as the official storage for iPhone users and other apple products’. An iPhone user can backup files on the icloud. Icloud provides you with 5gig worth of free space.