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Having an excellent credit card with the most awesome rewards is one of the dreams many of us have. How cool is it to purchase stuff and put it on your credit tab? Well, Chase Freedom card just made that easier for you. Even if you would rather pay good old cash for services, certain offers are quite mouthwatering enough to make you reconsider.

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What is Chase Freedom?       

Chase Freedom refers to a type of credit card offered by Chase Bank, a California-based commercial bank that is into mortgages, issuing credit cards, providing investment strategies, loans, home equity etc. It is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase and co.

Chase Freedom is a visa credit card. Now if you know anything about credit cards, you will know there is a slight difference between visa and master cards. However, that hardly matters. What you should watch out for is what specific goodies the issuer of the card might have in store for you. That is what makes each deal better or worse than another. Thus, that brings me to the next matter on the table. What are the benefits of this credit card?

Benefits of Chase Freedom

We have seen different cards and promises come and go. However, you can be sure that there are certain outstanding qualities that make Chase Freedom stand out from the rest. They include:

  • It comes with low Annual Percentage Rate (APR), that is the interest rate you will pay in a whole year. In fact you don’t even have to pay this for the first fifteen (15) months from opening the account after which varying percentages may be charged.
  • There is no annual fee. This means you don’t have to pay any amount or percentage to enjoy the additional features that come along with your card. That is really not bad for starters.
  • You are entitled to a 150 dollar bonus after spending up to 500 dollars on your purchases. This is one of the sweetest parts of this credit card and it is unlike many other credit card providers. The first three months of opening your account allows you enjoy this benefit but only as long as you did not have the card before or enjoy any new card bonus in the past two years. That is a bit of bummer if you have though (Sorry).
  • You get to receive 5 % cash back in selected categories when your purchases are up to 1500 dollars while you get automatic 1 % cash back on a general basis. The selected categories in 2017 include gas stations/ local commuters (first quarter), grocery stores (second quarter), restaurant/ movie theatres (third quarter) and holiday shopping (fourth quarter). If you apply for this card, you are just in time for holiday shopping, don’t you think?
  • Your cash backs don’t expire as long as your account is still open.
  • There is no minimum to redeem for cash backs.

How does the Chase Freedom Credit Card Work

As stated among the benefits, this card allows you 5 % cash back but only in the selected category per quarter. What this entitles you to, essentially, is 75 dollars back once you have made up to 1500 dollars’ worth of purchase in the chase freedom categories for that quarter.  Afterwards, the chase cash back rate will go back to 1 % as mentioned above.

To enjoy this goody, you would have to visit the Chase Freedom website on the first day of the quarter so as to activate the ‘cash back’ option.

How to Get a Chase Freedom Credit Card

When you hear of an offer like this, the logical thing is to seek to get in on it. And this is the easy part. You can get your Chase Freedom credit card by simply applying on the Chase website and following the instructions there. That is literally all that it takes.

At this point, it is important to have you know that you can get the main Chase Mobile App on your device rather than the Chase Freedom Mobile App. The former allows you better functionality, especially if you have a Chase account so as to better manage the account along with your credit card.

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The Chase Freedom credit card is an excellent choice to make, especially if the quarterly cash backs fit into your lifestyle and would not require undue changes to allow you take advantage of them. This quality makes it most suitable for a secondary card while cards with a flat rate can go for everyday use. In this way, you don’t have to break your back to make the Freedom card work for you even when it isn’t.

It may also not be the best option for foreign travel since there is a foreign transaction fee attached (all the more reason to use it as a secondary card).

Now, with this snags that you just read you may be wondering if you should still get the card and to that, the advice can only be “Of course, yes!”  The benefits outweigh the cons. More so, if you have different credit cards, it allows you maximize the rewards of each one effectively.


Written by Angela Umoru (AngieInspired).