One of the best feelings a customer could have in the banking industry is that he comes first. Capital One has made that satisfaction its motto. Of course, you all know that the banks are after your money. That is how they manage to stay afloat but then while they are at it, the least they could do is make you the customer feel important, and not just as a means to an end.

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How Does Capital One Put Customers First?

One way Capital One has managed to achieve this feat is through its credit card service. The bank provides credit cards for both small businesses and personal use. These cards are subdivided into five (5), namely: average/ building credit, cash back rewards, travel rewards, popular cards and business cards.

The interest of this post is in the cash back reward cards. The idea of cash back is that you reach a certain points level then you are offered the option of taking a certain percentage of your net purchases as cash or as ‘points’ to make purchases, for travel etc. This, of course, acts as an incentive to remain as a customer or become one.

How Capital One Makes Cash Back Rewarding

It is simply through the Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card. Of the many cash back reward cards out there, one of the most rewarding has to this one. First off, this everyday card is awesome for a low spender. This has to be an attention grabber for you. A major selling point for this card is its simplicity. Indeed, not every great offer should require that you go through fire before you enjoy it. A good example of this simplicity lies in the fact that you don’t have to overextend yourself to fit into special categories where there might be bonuses for you to take advantage of. Thus, here are the basic things you should know about Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card:

  • No annual fee
  • You don’t have to pay Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the first nine (9) months.
  • There is no requirement to pay foreign fees for international transactions
  • The categories for cash back don’t keep switching within specific durations.
  • You can get up to 1.5 % back on every purchase daily. In line with this, there is absolutely no limit on how much you can get. The more purchases you make, the more you can get back.
  • And here comes the breathtaking part. In the first three (3) months of opening the account, you get a 150 dollar cash bonus as long as you hit a 500 dollar mark on your purchases.
  • Using this card also allows you enjoy 50 % back as a statement credit on Spotify Premium subscription. This lasts until April 2018.

Pros and Cons of Capital One’s Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card

Obviously, there is a lot to be gained by getting one of these cards, such as:

  • The lack of an annual fee and APR for the first nine (9) months mean that no charges will eat into your rewards. It is all yours for the keeping (or the spending).
  • Since there is no payment of foreign fees for international transactions, it is perfect for traveling abroad.
  • The cash backs don’t rotate, meaning that you don’t have to try and make your lifestyle fit the cash back offer available per time.
  • It is an everyday card and also rewards you as you use it for your general spending.
  • All amounts you gain through the cashback can be accessed instantaneously.
  • It is direct and easy to use. No hassle associated with many other cards.

Well, as you expect, it can’t be all good. So here are a few cons to watch out for:

  • It requires excellent credit. That is the only way to even qualify for the card.
  • The nine (9) month duration before you have to pay APR is usually longer with some other cards.
  • If you hope to spend up 11,800 dollars on your international travel then this is definitely not for you. Remember, it is for low spenders.

Should you get Capital One’s Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card?

This card makes Capital One’s top three popular cards. This goes without saying that it is serving the needs of several people. However, that is not all that matters. In choosing the best card for you, you must ensure that it fits into your lifestyle. Don’t merely go chasing after rewards and offers, forgetting that your cards have to be a reflection of how you live. Yes, you may decide to have multiple cards so you can maximize offers on each card but what is the point of having all of them and being saddled with the burden of paying multiple APRs?

Capital one has put the customer first through Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card. The rewards are awesome. It is literally a credit card that gives you liquid money. How ironic is that?

Yet, this card is only best for you if you are a low spender with excellent credit.


Written by Angela Umoru (AngieInspired)