Amazon pay | the best online payment method


Amazon pay was launched in the year 2007 by However it is an online payment method whose focus or purpose is to give users the option to pay goods and services online.

Amazon pay

Though this service is only available in the U.S.A, France Germany, Italy, japan, Spain, United Kingdom. Its makes is easy for hundreds of millions of customers to check-in and check out using information’s already saved in there account. This allows people spend more time shopping and less time checking out. This platform is used by large and small companies customers’ information is highly secured as there is an assurance of fraud protection and payment protection policy. Just one login and you are off.


What are the kinds of products you can get from Amazon pay?

I know a lot of people might be wondering what kinds of product amazon pay provides, well that’s the purpose of this article.

  1. It  integrates a number of products and services for buyers and merchants to process online payments. This pay service provides option to purchase goods and services from one webpage using the payment methods in the amazon account such as credit cards or direct debit bank account.
  2. Amazon Pay Express is a payment method for E-commerce use cases on websites. It is built on amazon pay but it doesn’t require a full E-commerce incorporation. It allows you create a java button code coined to create a button that can be copied and pasted onto a website. However it is best suited for merchants selling a small number of products and with a single item in each other such as a digital download.


What is checkout by Amazon?

An infusion that allows web organisations to accept account information’s and use amazon for payment process. It manages several aspect of the transaction process such as ; promotional discount, shipping rates, sales tax calculation and up selling.

Another prominent attribute that allows the transfer of money between two entities using a technology built on multiple and unlimited payment tokens. Is called Amazon flexible payment service. This service was launched in august 2007 as a limited beta and was later promoted to general availability. It also provided the payment process for amazon web service.

Go Pago technology is an app that allows shoppers to order and pay for goods and service product. Before they arrive at a business. This service was acquired by Amazon in the year 2003.

Can I terminate payments or Goods I ordered?

After you initiate a payment, it cannot be cancelled. The merchants or business you made payment to can only choose to make a refund to you. However if you placed a call to the merchant directly about canceling an order. They may be able to make changes to an order if it hasn’t been shipped yet. This is different as some merchant begin shipping process immediately the order is made. So this kind of merchant you are sure as hell not getting your money back. You will just go and wait patiently for your order.

with this article I hope you learn all you need to know about amazon pay.