Aliexpress | the best online store


Aliexpress is a popular online shopping organization privately owned. It was founded in the year 2010 in china the headquarters are located in Hangzhou china.


The main founder is Daniel zhang. The official website is

Aliexpress comprises of small businesses in china and it offers products to international online buyers. It was rated as the 10th most popular websites in Russia in 2012. This online retail service facilitates small business and sell to people all over the world just like amazon.


Aliexpress comprises of so many things a user can find almost everything for sale in the website. Sellers are independent and they use aliexpress as an avenue to sell there products to customers.

Sellers on this platform are mostly big companies or individuals it can been seen as an e-commerce organization aliexpress is not responsible for products been sold on the platform. Aliexpress serves as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. It helps to promote business and also make it easy for customers to locate products.  Aliexpress is available in different languages this makes it easy for customers.



Certain customers in mainland china are not allowed to patronize this platform. Even though its roots is china.


Varieties of items sold on aliexpress

   Mobile fones and telecommunications

  • Computer accessories and office
  • Women’s clothing and other accessories
  • Men’s clothing’s and other accessories
  • Varieties of jewelries for both male and female
  • Electronics appliances and kitchen equipment
  • Luggages and bags for women
  •  Hair extentions and wigs for women
  • Shoes both men and women
  • Sport wears and entertainment
  • Watches both men and women
  • Toys for little children
  • Wedding and events
  • Automobiles and motorcycles bicycles
  • Security and protection
  •  Screen protectors for mobile phones
  • Phone cases and replacement parts
  • Hats and caps for men and women
  • Varieties of laptops


Customers’ protection

Aliexpress provides guarantees and confidence for customers it makes sure u receive the items you ordered and at the stipulated time and as described.

They enable you access to some benefits when you shop online this benefits includes:

  • Aliexpress provide you with certain discounts when you initiate a dialogue with the seller of a particular products and services.
  • The shipping is free when order for products more than one, and you get low prices for the products.
  • You will receive a tracking number in your personal account that will allow you trace your product when your order finally arrives.

They provide you with a wish list on the website on your person account where you can add your favorite product and get alerts by email when the product are in stock.



Creating an account on aliexpress is very important this will enable you access to all the products on aliexpress. You will have to provide them with information’s about yourself. This information’s consist of your full name, your phone number ,your country and all that. you will first of all sign up by creating an account providing them with relevant information’s.